How We Contribute

Rand Swiss focuses on unlocking opportunities through independent in-depth analysis and understanding of the markets in which we operate. Through partnership, one-on-one personal broker service and cutting edge trading systems, we supply a diverse product offering as well as unlock unique alternate investment opportunities for the benefit of shareholders and our select group of clients.

How We Invest

We take a broad view of investment opportunities. We choose to invest and advise across a wide range of asset classes, including listed and unlisted equities, bonds, real estate and derivative instruments. In a rapidly shrinking world we leverage off specialised local  knowledge while embracing the inevitability of a global reach. Whilst our scope is wide, the emphasis is, at all times, on the enhancement of shareholder and client value.

How We Analyse

A thorough understanding of the operating and investment environment is key to success. The research process is essential to delivering better investment outcomes. It’s our job to accumulate and interpret facts to reach sound investment conclusions. It is then our responsibility to effectively communicate findings to all stakeholders. Our research approach  includes fundamental, quantitative, economic and technical research analysis.